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Domestic Intermodal Freight

Balance Logistics & Relocation Inter-modal freight transportation typically involves two or more modes of transport for shipping. With some of the best resources in air / sea and road transport, rest assured you are in safe hands with us. Through years of dedicated service, Balance Logistics & Relocation has developed a good reputation for providing high quality moving & storage solutions for your personal goods in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.

Why Should You Choose Balance Logistics & Relocation Commercial Cargo Intermodal Freight Service?

You can plan for low transportation costs: We allow you to manage your shipment by combining the best of our multiple transportation resources. Our staff can help you develop the best plan for maximum cost savings.

It enables flexibility – Our trucks have a capacity ranging from 20′ to 53′ length to accommodate different order sizes.

It is best for non-urgent orders: Inter-modal transportation is the perfect choice if your cargo does not conform to a hard deadline and can wait for the transit time

It is ideal for inter-state shipments: Our wide rail network enables us to meet all your transportation needs within Pakistan. (Afghan & Indian shipments are subject to Customs Clearance)*

Procedure for Shipping Goods:-

Follow these steps for Easy order placement:

•              Find out the trailer size that best accommodates your needs. We offer 48′ or 53′ trailers for this type

              of transportation.

•              Packing, Loading & Unloading

.             Different pickup points

.             Wait Duration exceeding 2 hours either at origin or destination points.


Shipping Precondition:


•              Goods must be properly packed before loading on to trailers – It is compulsory for the safety of your consignment that you carefully pack and your goods. Make sure to properly caliper your cargo and mark your name, number and destination address on each box/carton/crate before handing your cargo over to us.

•              Approval must be required from your sales representative before any vehicle can be loaded – this is company policy.

•              We take extreme caution to ensure your goods do not sustain any damage during the transportation process. Therefore we recommend that you ensure you’re goods are properly packed and sealed to avoid strong harm from shifting.

•              We also handle perishable cargo and hazardous goods. These goods are subject to prior approval.


If your cargo’s gross weight exceeds 40 Ton, kindly get in touch with your sales representative for alternative solutions because most countries have weight restrictions.

Transit Time:

Approximately 4-5 days.

Please note that the transit times can vary from case-to-case.

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We assure a stress-free transportation of your personal / commercial goods through our unique, convenient and affordable service. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further queries. Our sales representatives eagerly await an opportunity to provide assistance. Whatever your needs may be, our highly trained staff is dedicated to providing the best tailor-made freight solutions.