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Personal Domestic Goods Movement

Balance Logistics & Relocation one of Fast Growing Company in Pakistan who provide Services for all type of Personal Domestic Goods Services from all Major Cities of Pakistan.
We provide a comprehensive transportation of your personal goods via our Full Truck service. If you are relocating, let us help you transport anything from a single gift item to an entire household of unaccompanied personal baggage.
Why Should You Choose Our Full Truck Service?
You can minimize your transportation costs: Road freight is still the most economical means of transporting your goods nationwide. You goods are picked up from origin and driven directly to the destination without stopping at any other terminals. The cost of Truck is included in the rates quoted.
You can have your cargo picked up and delivered at your doorstep – Relieve yourself of the burden of going to a specific place to send/receive your items because our trucks stop at your property and give you your goods straight to your hands! Our FTL service offers door to door transportation within the Pakistan and across the world.
Follow these steps for smooth order placing:
Find out the trailer size that best accommodates your needs. We offer all size of′ trailers for this type of transportation.
Determine your exact bill by providing us with origin & destination zip codes as well as any other special requirements such as:
Packing, Loading & Unloading
Multiple pickup points
Wait periods exceeding 2 hours either at origin or destination points
Trailer services
We also provide trailers for an additional cost. Trailer sizes commonly available include 20′, 40′, 17′ & 50′ in length (Rates are offered on a per-trailer basis).
We make the arduous process of moving as simple and convenient for you as we can. Our trailers are four feet from the ground and usually ramp-less. The trailer is brought to your premises for loading. No extra charges are payable if you wish to park the trailer at your residence for more than 2 hours. However additional charges are applicable if the driver is summoned at a different time for pick-up (Kindly check with your sales representative for this option)*
Once your trailer is loaded, our driver transports it to your final destination. We allow you a time period of 2 hours to unload your belongings from the trailer. Additional costs are applicable if you require more time or if the driver is asked to return at a later date or time(Kindly check with your sales representative for this option)*
Goods must be properly packed before loading into trailer – It is integral for the safety of your consignment that you carefully pack your goods. Make sure to properly pack and mark your name, number and destination address on each box/carton/crate before handing your cargo over to us.
Approval must be sought by your sales representative before any vehicle can be loaded – this is company policy.
We take extreme caution to ensure your goods do not sustain any damage during the transportation process. Therefore we recommend that you ensure you’re goods are properly blocked and braced to avoid potential harm from shifting.
We also handle perishable cargo and hazardous materials. Transportations of these goods is subject to prior approval.
Please note that the transit times can vary from case-to-case. Contact your sales rep for more accurate information.
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