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Personal Goods Movement via Sea

Our ocean freight service for your personal goods allow you to ship everything from a single gift item to an entire household of unaccompanied personal baggage if you’re considering relocation. Balance Logistics & Relocation have a strong strength in Relocation Industry and developed a reputation for providing quality moving and packing solutions for all your personal goods. Follow the tips given below to ensure a safe and hassle-free Packing & Moving transportation for your precious goods to their required location.
How Much Does It Cost?
The overall charges for ocean freight depend on the following variables:
  • Locations involved – Costs vary depending on the place of origin and destination of the cargo to be shipped
  • Size of shipping – The volume of your shipment plays a major role than the actual weight.
  • Type of material – Extra charges apply to fragile, perishable or brakebale items that require special handling & packing.
We offer you to minimize shipping costs via the following two services:
LCL (Less Than Full Container Load):
  • In this service, volume (cubic meter) decided cost. We offer you a chance to save big by sharing a 20-40 foot container with other clients for shipping your household goods.
  • For orders exceeding a total volume of 22 cubic meter, we recommend shipping your goods in a 20 foot container. However, if you have the luxury of time and wish to save some money, we can consolidate your shipment as well.
  • In Any Case the dimensions of individual items must not exceed 224″ (length) x 88″ (width) x 90″ (height).
  • The price quoted for shipping includes container-loading charges.
  • The exterior dimensions of your box, carton, pallet or crate decided the final price of your shipment. Pricing varies according to your shipment; for an additional cost we can arrange a pick-up from the point of origin.
  • To ensure the safety of your belongings make sure to palletize any loose cartons (especially those over 10 Cbm) and any furniture, expensive materials, valuables, bulky and fragile items must be crated.
  • Some inland points that are far from sea ports but have customs offices for exports/imports are considered as ports. Examples include Chicago (USA), Munich (Germany) and New Delhi (India).
  • Orders up to 1000 kgs (20 cbm) can be shipped per cubic meter without any extra cost.
Why Choose LCL for Shipping?
Shipping your goods via sea as LCL is recommended when:
  • You want to ship large packages; more than 100 Kgs 3 to 4 cbm.
  • You have the luxury of time and can wait for the transit time
  • Your main concern is price – LCL is a great way to save on shipping costs.
Receipt Procedure At Destination:-
On the arrival of your shipment at the destination, our agent or steamship line agent will inform you and guide you to their office where you may proceed to claim your shipment. Some terminal charges and agent-handling fee might be payable.
Custom clearance and transportation from your door to the port is your responsibility. Furthermore, any duties or taxes payable at the destination in the clearance process shall be payable by the consignees per the applicable tariff of the importing country.
If you did not receive a quote for destination services, our sales representatives will be more than happy to explain the details of a complete package of destination services.
Instructions (if Applicable) For Packing/Marking/Preparing List Of Contents:-
  • Make sure to properly pack and mark your name, number and destination address on each box/carton before handing your cargo over to us.
  • For identification purposes, each box/carton must be labeled with the NUMBER issued at the time of the booking.
  • You must send us a packing list stating the contents of each carton, and if you are buying insurance, a breakdown of the value of each of the carton’s contents must also be submitted. However, we do not require extra details; you can mention entire goods categories such as Books or Tools, but make sure to mention their values separately despite consolidated packing.
  • Suitcases are allowed (Note: make sure to remove all fragile goods from your suitcase).
FCL (Full Container Load):-(Refer to boxes for specifications for container)
  • We can transport Containers to your house/storage/loading area via trucks/drays. Truckers delivering your containers will usually allow a 2 hour waiting period, and charge a waiting fee thereafter. Alternatively, for an additional cost, truckers can leave your container for up to a week at your premises, allowing you ample time to supervise the loading process. IN THAT CASE, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU VERIFY PARKING PERMISSION FOR YOUR CONTAINER (FOR WHATEVER TIME PERIOD) THROUGH YOUR CITY OFFICE. IF REQUIRED, YOU CAN ALSO GET A PERMIT FOR PARKING YOUR CONTAINER FOR THE REQUIRED TIME PERIOD.
  • Containers are always attached to chassis, at a height of about 4′ from the ground. No ramps are attached to the chassis.
  • Special-sized equipment such as open-top and flat-rack containers are used to accommodate oversized cargo.
  • A 20 foot container can usually accommodate a 2-3 bedroom house whereas a 40 foot container can accommodate up to a 4-6 bedroom house.
  • Consolidated loading for an automobile with your personal goods can also be arranged.
  • You can make your own arrangements for packing and loading or check with Balance Logistics & Relocation for partial or full packing options.
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Feel free to get in touch with us if you have not been quoted by your sales representative at Balance Logistics & Relocation   Port Charges at destination/Customs Clearance/Examination Expense/Delivery to your residence etc. We assure you a stress-free ocean freight of your personal goods through our impeccable, convenient and affordable service.