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Planning For Relocation

Balance Logistics & Relocation offer Complete Packing & Moving Services for Relocation. 
Reliable solutions for Customers with Special Moving Needs
Moving is a hard thing to do, sometimes it is even difficult when special moving services are required. At Balance Logistics & Relocation we are aware that our customers require a one stop solution for their relocation needs. This is why we can satisfy your needs by providing top class specialty moving systems to accommodate your needs. Whether you need to move extremely large furniture piece or equipment, or you need a fixed express delivery service you need to trust a mover that can do the job for you. Contact us today by filling the free moving quote. Our personal moving consultants will guide you through the specialty moving process.
Specialty Services
We are a fully licensed and insured company, dedicated to provide high-end moving services at economical moving cost both locally and cross country. Our range of moving services includes providing quotes for specialty furniture movers, so you can enjoy your relocation.
We employ only well trained professionals. Our own moving fleet is equipped with the latest trends in the industry to ensure superior quality. The specialty service provided is guaranteed to satisfy your moving needs no matter if you are about to move locally or across the country.
Why packaging is such an important part of every move? Because the quality of packing materials used is the difference between the perfect move and a moving disaster. Only high-quality packing supplies, carefully selected by professionals and used appropriately can minimize the risk of damage during transportation and properly protect your valuable household items. 
We at Balance Logistics & Relocation provide all the supplies you will need, for any kind of item you have to take with you when you relocate. Bubble wrap is the best protection for your valuables, compared to the plain paper. It won't leave any stains unlike the case when you use simple packing like newspaper. If you are moving odd objects, such as a mattress, we can provide you with the necessary mattress cover. Want to organize your belongings in different specialized boxes, such as dish barrels or smaller book boxes? Not a problem – we can provide them all. Whatever your luggage is, you can be sure that our packing supplies will do the best job for its protection.
We offer one unique and special moving service to our valuable customers. Choosing our overnight moving services, you will benefit from one fast and smooth move at the next day of your request.
We know that time is very precious to you, so we offer overnight moving services. We are FULLY licensed and insured Overnight Movers, so you don't need to worry that some of your belongings would be damaged in any kind of way, even in a hurry. We train our overnight movers in very complex moving programs to ensure that they are capable of providing fast and safe overnight moving services.
Movers Overnight
People often ask: Why there are so few overnight moving companies that provide overnight moving services. Well that's not because people don't need quick moving services, but because not many movers are able to handle a really quick moving job, which in essence the overnight moving is. We know that to find moving companies that can execute your move fast and smooth is not an easy job.
Because we have years in experience providing overnight moving services, we are able to offer to you that very unique moving service. Choosing our overnight moving service, you will be able to move all of your belongings at the next day of your request completely stress free. Fill our quick moving overnight quote to receive a free estimate from a licensed and insured overnight moving company.
It is wise to invest in professional packing services. In this case or you simply have any questions, give us a call at 0346-4419593, E mail us at or order directly from our site form.